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Who We Are

Why Choose Wash Depot?

We could spend hours boasting of our expertise and quality we’ve delivered over the years but in a nutshell, here are reasons important to you…

  • We are Passionate about Washes and Cleans – We absolutely love delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers. Making sure our customers get the best solutions available in the industry is one of our prime goals. Our team members come to work smiling and are happy to turn a wrench. They love vehicle detailing and protection and are fully qualified to work on yours.
  • We Truly Care – We stay up to date with the latest technologies, advanced techniques and cutting-edge products so we can extend the right care to your vehicle every time!
  • Leave it to Us – Doing It Yourself (DIY) doesn’t always turn out the way you want. By relying on our knowledge and expertise you can be sure to walk away knowing it’s in the best hands.
  • Our Promise to You – WE PROMISE to always provide value and outstanding service when you come to us.

Our Mission

“Wash Depot’s team mission is to make the lives of our diverse range of customers easier by caring for and providing a reliable, safe, trustworthy, time saving cleaning and protection service that makes them proud because their vehicle is always looking new and sparkling and maintains the highest possible trade-in value.”

Our Team makes the lives of our customers easier by turning the chore of maintaining a clean vehicle into a pleasant and welcoming experience.

Who We Are

From full exterior wash packages to an array of professional detailing services, Wash Depot aims to be your ultimate clean car destination!

Originally founded in 1999, Wash Depot has now become a premium car wash in Toowoomba, catering to both customers with individual cars and small businesses, corporates or government departments with fleets of vehicles to care for.

Our sophisticated equipment and skilled staff allows us to provide our customers and clients with the best vehicle cleaning and protection solutions available.

We use the highest quality cleaning soaps and waxes available in the industry and are proud of our equipment maintenance program.

To add to your experience, we also have dog washing booths so you can give your dog a thorough, safe and easy wash without the hassles of traveling to a separate grooming appointment, booking mobile dog grooming appointments in advance or even dealing with the mess after the wash.

All our services accept credit/debit card payments and are backed by guarantees so you know you’re in the best hands.

Industry First in Australia

The owners of Wash Depot, Terry & Keryn O’Keeffe, take pride in being proactive and making Wash

Depot the first Australian car wash to offer:
  1. Credit card authorization and payment on all car and dog cleaning services
  2. 30 Day Business Vehicle Wash Accounts that eliminate coin and 99% of the administration relating to accounting for business vehicle washing
  3. Electronic card activated loyalty bonus pre-paid accounts for individuals and families saving up to 20% in washing costs
  4. RFID (radio frequency identification) activated, cash free, wash subscriptions that provide outstanding discounts for frequent vehicle washers

Our “Wash Green” Strategy

Coming to Wash Depot is a treat for your vehicle but it can also help the environment.

Whenever a vehicle is washed (especially at home) not only does it lead to excessive wastage of water but it also produces waste water which, on average, contains three-fourths of a litre of toxic sludge pollutants and toxins.

If not disposed properly, this toxic sludge will run into the stormwater system or soak into our underground water supplies endangering our native species and contaminating our drinking water.

With over 15 years in the industry, we have made it a point to do what we can to protect the environment by dealing with both these important issues.

At Wash Depot, we reclaim and recycle up to 80% of our car washing water and have set up tanks, filters and use approved chemicals to rid the water of the toxic sludge, harmful germs and pathogens. We confirm to all the requirements of the Environment Act 1994 and send all unusable waste water is sent to the Sewer Treatment Facilities of the Toowoomba Regional Council for treatment.

So now when you come down to Wash Depot, you not just get your car squeaky clean but you can also go away feeling good you’re contributing to the environment.

We Value Our Team…

In 2010, the owners of Wash Depot made the conscious decision to eliminate in bay sponging on vehicles in the automatic wash bays due to the risks involved with moving machinery, chemical and reclaim water mist.

As a result Wash Depot has developed an outside bay prepping system that promotes superior clean vehicles without the need for the risk- ridden sponging process.

Our team has all the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure your vehicle gets the best treatment available in the industry.

So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466 or email manager@washdepot.com.au
So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466
or email manager@washdepot.com.au