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Weekly Washpass

Wash Your Car Once a Week from $27 a month with our Weekly Wash Pass

You are probably thinking to yourself ‘How can Wash Depot afford to do this when their cheapest automatic wash costs $18 – just for one wash.

Well we have been offering Unlimited Washpass now since 2013 for $49.95 a month including $20 Bonus Wash Card to spend in our self-serve washes, vacuums, vending and dog washes. The reality is that most of our Members don’t want to be able to wash their car every day.

So we started the Weekly Washpass where our customers can wash their registered car in the automatic wash up to one time each week (our week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday). And we lowered the price to $27 a month for our entry Wash, to $32 a month for our Wash Works (our top wash) and $37 a month for the WashWorks and a $15 bonus to spend in our self-serve washes, vacuums, vending and dog washes.

We know it works because our fixed costs of operation are covered by people who pay retail price, and as long as we are covering our town water, cleaning chemicals, electricity, water reclaim operations and trade waste charges for the Weekly Washpass Member washes we can afford to make this offer. So be one of the smart people who wash their cars and join now!

How it Works

  • The Weekly Wash Pass, Weekly WashWorks Pass and the Weekly WashWorks Pass PLUS are each specific to one nominated vehicle only
  • The nominated vehicle can wash automatic wash once in every week. We start the week as 12.01am Mondays
  • A RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag is applied to your windscreen
    • The RFID tag approves your Everyday Washpass Club each time you wash
    • The RFID tag will self-destruct on removal from the windscreen or washed with ammonia products
  • Bonus Wash Card with the Weekly WashWorks Pass PLUS
    • Can be used on vacuums, vending, self-serve wash bays and dog washes
    • Can be used with any vehicle
    • ‘Use it or lose it $15 value’ – unused dollars do not accumulate into next month

Check out our three great choices below and choose the one the suits you best.

Great Choices
Wash Pass
Weekly WashWorks Pass
Weekly WashWorks Pass PLUS
Exceptional Monthly Value > Up to $90 $110 $125
Automatic Wash Per Week One One One
Windscreen Cleaned
Wheels Brushed Cleaned
Sticky Matter Loosened
Pre-Soak & Dwell
Soap & Dwell
High Pressure Rinse
Spot Free Rinse
Under Body Spray
Foam Polish
Side Blast
Protectant Sealant
Additional $15/Month – use in self-serve wash, vacuum wash, dog wash
Subscription / Month* $27.00 $32.00 $37.00
*Credit Card Transaction Fees $0.70 $0.80 $0.90
YOU PAY ONLY $27.70 $32.80 $37.90

How am I Billed?

Membership fees are automatically billed to your nominated Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card on the anniversary date each month and each month thereafter until such time as the agreement is terminated by you or by Wash Depot.

How to Join Everyday Washpass Club

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions
  2. Join Up Options
    1. Option 1 – Go to ‘Weekly Washpass Application’
      1. Complete the form online and pay by credit card
    2. Option 2 Print out Application Form
      1. Go to ‘Everyday Washpass Club – Application pdf
      2. Print out ‘Everyday Washpass Club Application’
      3. Complete the form including the credit card authority
      4. Deliver to Wash Depot OR Fax to 07 4630 6014 OR Email manager@washdepot.com.au
  3. Once Application is approved, Wash Depot will
    1. Email you confirmation of receipt of your application
    2. Phone you to book a time to bring your car to the Wash Depot to fit a RFID tag and hand over Bonus Wash Card

We GUARANTEE you will be 100% Satisfied with your results!

  • If after the first month of using our Everyday Washpass and, in the unlikely event, you are not totally satisfied with the value for money we will refund your membership in full.

Note: Automatic touchless car washes are suited to people who wash their vehicles frequently and like to keep their vehicle looking clean all the time. They are not suited to people who wash their vehicles infrequently where dirt, road grime, bugs and bird droppings are baked on for weeks on end nor for vehicles with heavily oxidized paintwork or polished aluminium.

So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466 or email manager@washdepot.com.au
So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466
or email manager@washdepot.com.au