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Weed Wash Down Facility

Wash Depot provides Weed Hygiene service facilities to assist in minimising the risk management against the spreading of weed seed. These facilities are situated on the corner of Tor Street (Warrego Highway) and Hursley Road Toowoomba.

The facility is fully equipped to provide full clean (bumper to bumper) and wash down services for any vehicle, from cars to 4 wheel drives to trailers to small equipment and even trucks (up to 10 tonne).

The wash down services cover the cabin, boot, exterior, trays, engine bay and under carriage.

While our Full Clean service includes all wash down services PLUS your selection of Professional Detailing Services. To find out more about our Full Clean service, please call (07) 4634 4466.

Once our inspection or wash down process is completed we issue Weed Hygiene Declaration Certificates. For more information on these certificates, please click here.

We GUARANTEE our Weed Hygiene Declaration Certificates will be accepted by all third parties.

Where is the Weed Wash Down Facility?

Wash Depot, is located on the Corner Tor St and Hursley Rd, Toowoomba 4350

Wash Down & Inspection Book-In Hours

We do wash downs and inspections from Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please make sure you book in for the service before you come in.

You can call us on 07 4634 4466 or email us at customer@washdepot.com.au and we can make the booking for you.

For Bookings or to find out more Call 07 4634 4466 OR email manager@washdepot.com.au
For Bookings or to find out more Call 07 4634 4466
email manager@washdepot.com.au for more information on our services.