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SAVE UP TO 30% – The CleanPass Wash Club

When you’re proud of your car and your best friend, you want them looking their best at all times!

This Savings Option includes huge savings of up to 30% for people who are serious about looking good.

You no longer need to worry about finding notes and coins. Just swipe the card and use any of our cleaning facilities.

Just look at the benefits:

  • Can be used for automatic and self-serve washes, vacuums and dog wash
  • Get Bonus Wash dollars for up to 30% of regular prices
  • Use for any vehicle or combination of vehicles
  • A set monthly fee is automatically billed to your credit or debit Visa or MasterCard
  • Your Drivers use their Wash Card to start and pay for services
Here are Your Cleanpass Wash Club Plan Choices:
Your Plan Choices 20/23 32/40 50/65
You pay each month $20 $32 $50
Your bonus dollars $3 $8 $15
You get to spend $23 $40 $65
You save this much 15% 25% 30%

Enjoy the convenience and big savings of the Cleanpass Wash Club NOW.

Simply click the button below to register online

OR Print the application form by clicking the “Print out a Join Up Form!” button and fill in your details. Then send it back via email to manager@washdepot.com.au or fax to 07 4634 4466.

  • The Basics
    • Permitted Membership – family, sole trader and tradesmen vehicles are allowed.
    • Exclusive to other offers – Cleanpass Washclub may not be combined with any other Wash Depot offers, promotions, or discounts
    • Services Accessible – Automatic Wash, Self-Serve, Vacuums & Dog Washes only
    • Time of Use – Cleanpass Washclub Members can use the services 24/7, 365 days
    • ‘Use it or lose it value’ – unused monies in any month do not accumulate into next month. Membership will be recharged, monthly, to the agreed value according to Membership Plan selected
    • Failed credit / debit charge – If Wash Depot is unable to charge a credit/debit card for any reason, the customer’s membership will be de-activated.
      • To change Credit / Debit card details complete ‘Cleanpass Washclub Change Notification’
  • See complete Terms & Conditions on application form.

* Credit card surcharge of 2.6% per transaction applies

You are protected with our Big 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEES

CLICK HERE to complete the form and email manager@washdepot.com.au
CLICK HERE to complete the form and email manager@washdepot.com.au