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Credit/Debit Card Accepted

CreditDebit card Accepted
Pay for Services With Your Visa or MasterCard

Wash Depot has fitted its car wash equipment to accept payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards. You can use these cards to operate two automatic car washes, four self serve wash bays, one dog wash, four vacuums, six vending machines and for professional car detailing services.

This means that you don’t have to find change from your ash tray or console or go to the change machine to break down a note. Simply insert and remove your card to activate the service then follow the onscreen directions and signage.

How Credit and Debit Card Acceptance Works the Wash Depot Equipment
  • Pre-Authorised $12 for 90 minutes
  • One Convenience Fee Only
  • Post-Authorised after 90 minutes
  • Receipt Printing
  • Purchase and Recharge Bonus Wash Cards with Visa and MasterCard

Our credit card and debit card acceptance work just like when you book into accommodation – the cashier will ask for your card to pre-authorise (put aside) the value of your accommodation plus a little extra for drinks and meals. When you check out they charge you the actual cost of your stay and release the excess pre-authorised value. If you paid for your hotel drinks and meals with your credit or debit card each time you drank or ate you would incur numerous transaction fees– with pre-authorisation you are only charged for one transaction fee.

  • Pre-Authorised $12 for 90 minutes – For Self-Serve, Vacuums & Dog Wash -At Wash Depot, when you first insert and remove your card we seek pre-authorisation for $12.50 to be held for 90 minutes. Once pre-authorised you can use any equipment within the 90 minute period and provided you do not spend more than $12.
  • One Convenience Fee Only – When you preauthorise for $12 you are charged a $0.50 convenience fee which contributes toward our costs charged buy the bank. With the pre-authorisation, you can swipe your card as many times as you like (up to $12 value).
  • Post-Authorised after 90 minutes – Ninety minutes after your first swipe we tally up your card usage and request payment for the amount of funds you used then release the balance e.g. let’s say you spent $5 in the self serve wash bay, $2 vacuuming and purchased vending satchels for $3. In total you have spent $10 so we charge you only $10 and request the bank to release the other $12.
    • Why 90 minutes – this gives you time to clean one car, go home and bring a second car to Wash Depot for cleaning.
  • Receipt Printing – Receipts can be printed from two places:
    • From our Card Dispenser and Recharger which is located on the wall between the automatic wash bays and the self serve wash bays. You will be only able to print these receipts on the day of your transaction.
    • Online at www.washdepot.com.au – There is no need for you to carry receipts around with you in your wallet, purse or glove box. Wait until you get your card statement then go online to print the detailed receipt.
Purchase and Recharge Bonus Wash Cards with Visa and MasterCard

This can be done at the Wash Depot from the Card Dispenser and Recharger or from this web site. There are no Convenience Fees charges when you purchase or recharge your Bonus Wash Card plus you can receive up to 15% Bonus Wash Dollars and other great benefits.

Visit www.youtube.com/WashDepotToowoomba to see how Visa, MasterCard and Bonus Wash Cards work at Wash Depot.

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So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466 or email manager@washdepot.com.au
So go ahead and give us a call on 07 4634 4466
or email manager@washdepot.com.au