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Automatic Car Wash

Auto Wash InstuctionsIf you’re somebody who likes to have your vehicle looking clean all the time but don’t want to waste a lot of time getting that look, the automatic car wash is for you!

Wash Depot has two automatic touchless car wash facilities with cleaning soaps and high-pressure water to give you the best vehicle wash experience. You can be confidence that there will be no scratches on your vehicles paintwork or breakages to roof racks or antennas that can occur with automatic car washes that use brushes to clean.

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Our Cleaning Process

During attended hours our assigned Team Member will brush clean the vehicle’s windscreen and wheels; spot clean stuck on bugs, bird and bat dropping, tree saps and other sticky matter plus pre-spray the lower paintwork with our special road grime penetrating formula.

We use the best ‘gentle’ cleaning solutions available and apply to effectively clean your vehicle:

  • Under Chassis Spray – high pressure water is applied as vehicle enters the wash. This pressurized water removes dirt and salt from underneath the vehicle.
  • Pre-soak Cycle – loosens the bulk of the dirt and contaminants. There is a 15 second dwell time that allows the pre-soak to loosen and remove the stubborn road grime.
  • High Pressure Rinse – washes the cleaning agents and dirt from all of the vehicle’s exterior.
  • Soap Cycle – loosens the road grime.
  • Side Blast – vibrating water pressure provides that extra force to remove the road grime form the vehicle’s side panels.
  • Foam Polish – adds shine and gloss to the paintwork.
  • Protective Sealant – This coating adds shine, repels water and provides a protective coating against UV rays.
  • Spot Free Final Rinse – This final rinse has not chlorine or minerals so your vehicle will dry free of mineral spots that untreated town water and bore laves.

Automatic Car Wash Options

Now when you decide to go ahead and use the automatic car wash facility, you will have three types of washes to choose from.

Service Wash Works Wash Wax Wash
Windscreen Brush Cleaned
Wheels Brush Cleaned
Sticky Matter Removed
Pre-Spray Grime Penetrator
Under Body Spray  cross  cross
Pre-Soak & Dwell
Soap & Dwell
Foam Polish  cross  cross
Side Blast  cross  cross
High Pressure Rinse
Protective Sealant  cross
Spot Free Rinse
Pay by – 20% Bonus Saving Club ^ $18.00 $16.38 $14.74
Pay by – 10% Bonus Saving Club * $20.00 $18.19 $16.37
Pay by – Cash $22.00 $20.00 $18.00
Pay by – Credit Card $22.00 $20.00 $18.00

* Reflects the effective cost as a results of receiving 10% Bonus Savings.

^ Reflects the effective cost as a results of receiving 20% Bonus Savings.

^ Convenience Fee of $0.50 applies

How to use the Automatic Wash Entry System

Auto Wash Instuctions

Both of our automatic car washes are fitted with two payment systems:

  • Pay by Credit Card on all our services
    • Pay on these with
    • ‘Pay By Phone’ ‘Pay by credit card with our ‘Pay By Phone’ service
    • Set up a 30 day business vehicle wash account
    • Join our Bonus Wash Club and save for all our services

Receipts are available online and onsite for payments by card.

  • Cash Acceptance System – for all payments by coins and notes
    • $1 & $2
    • $5, $10, $20

Receipts are available– press the Receipt button.

Best Practices to Maintain Vehicle Paintwork

  • Wash at least every other week to stop road grime build up.
  • Remove bird or bat droppings, baked on bugs, heavy brake dust, or mud as soon as possible to protect the paintwork.
  • Regularly deep clean, the oxidation from your paintwork and apply long-lasting sealant
    protection to the paintwork – ask our Professional Car Detailers for a quote.
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When NOT To Use Automatic Car Wash

If your vehicle fits any of following criteria, you should use the self-serve bays instead of the automatic car wash facility.

  • Your vehicle has not been washed for a long period
  • Your vehicle has baked on bird or bat droppings (Make sure to remove in self-serve bay first)
  • Your vehicle has baked on insects (Make sure to remove in self-serve bay first)
  • Your vehicle has had a rough time and is extremely dirty and/or un-kept – wash in self-serve bay
  • Your vehicle has faded or heavily oxidized paintwork. (Your paintwork has to be buffed and polished to restore)
  • Your vehicle has polished Aluminium (Using the Automatic Car Wash facility could cause tarnishing)
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For Bookings Call 07 4634 4466
OR Click Here to Join Our Loyalty Clubs and SAVE!