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Business Car, Ute and Van Wash – 30 Day Account

When you want squeaky clean fleets without the administration hassles!

This is the perfect solution for limousine hire companies, trades businesses, company with external representative,service and delivery companies, larger corporations, government agencies and anybody who runs fleets of vehicles.

Get an environmentally approved wash down facility which protects businesses from breaking EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) and local government laws (i.e. not polluting the stormwater system).

PLUS keep your vehicles clean and watch your maintenance bills go down. Your staff will naturally respect clean vehicles more and take more care of them.

ALSO clean vehicles give clients and customers a better impression of your organisation, resulting in better customer relations and ultimately more sales!

The Fleet Washing Account is controlled by an electronic, card based, authorisation system to assist fleet managers control and administer the washing and vacuuming of all fleet vehicles.

Just look at the benefits…

  • fleetCard holders can operate the car wash equipment to wash their vehicles:
    • 24 hours 7 days a week all year round AND
    • You can limit individual card usage to ANY time slot(s) you like.
  • Cut down on outdated and unnecessary administration by eliminating petty cash vouchers, Staff expenditure reimbursements, and the chasing of lost receipts.
  • Eliminate the need for tokens and the potential for token theft.
  • Receive a modern, electronic and hassle free administrative alternative for Business Owners and Government Departments to authorise their drivers to wash the Business or Government vehicles.
  • A fully controllable, easy to use and auditable administrative system with customisable options to suite all vehicle washing needs. Options include service, time of use, spend restrictions and multiple Fleet Wash Cards.
  • Dramatically reduce the administration time and costs involved.
  • Save your staff time, stress and energy when washing and cleaning the vehicles.
If you run a fleet of vehicles, the 30 Day Hassle FREE Fleet WashAccount was designed especially for you.
Contact us now for a 30 day Fleet Wash Account and SAVE money on administration and maintenance!

You can call us on 07 4634 4466 or email us at customer@washdepot.com.au.

To take the worry out of your cleaning decision, we protect you with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wash Depot’s 30 Day Fleet Wash account minimises the administration for keeping your fleet of vehicles clean. Guaranteed to save your administration costs and maximize the efficiencies in keeping your vehicle fleet clean.

So don’t wait, click the button below to request for your Hassle FREE Fleet Wash Account and follow the instructions OR call us on 07 4634 4466
CLICK HERE to complete the form and email manager@washdepot.com.au
CLICK HERE to complete the form and email manager@washdepot.com.au